Emily's Top Picks for the Social Dancer

As a social dancer the first thing you need are some good shoes. You don't have to spend a lot to have quality footwear, but it is important to look after your feet. You'll see below a list of my top picks of dance footwear for the social dancer, shoe care, practice wear, along with reviews and recommendations. 

I always suggest items I have used in the past or currently use and fully trust. If you have any questions on any of my recommended products please contact me by clicking here.

Dance Class


1. The Dance Sneaker

I have a few brands which I love and trust and Capezio comes in that list. These sneakers in particular offer a little more support for someone who wants an "in between" shoe. It's a good transition from a regular sneaker/trainer to a dance shoe. These shoes offer a rubber sole and flexibility. 


I would recommend these for: 

* Someone who wants a lot of support around the whole foot 

* Needs ankle support

* Dance on hard surfaces like tarmac, gym floors with no give

* Line Dance. Practice / Warm-Up. Tired Feet 

2. Jazz Shoes

Jazz shoes have come a long way in recent years and they are my absolute go-to shoe for teaching Line Dance classes. They're lightweight, comfortable, flexible and can be rubber or suede soles, sometimes both! I wear the Bloch Pulse Jazz Shoe which gives a rubber heel sole and a suede front sole which gives the ultimate spinning  capabilities with control. (Note: I always order 1 size larger than my street shoe).


I would recommend these for: 

* Someone who needs mid to low support 

* A snugger fit and prettier look

* Dancing on wood or smoother surfaces

* Line Dance. Practice. Warm-Up, Barre 

Emily's Top Pick

Best Value

Best for Support

3. Shoe Care

Looking after your dance shoes will make them last longer and looking like new for as long as possible. Below are just a couple of simple items that will help do just that:

Must Have

My Pick

A shoe brush is needed for Suede soles only but will help keep the dust and dirt off the soles.