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Pro-Am with Emily

Have you ever wanted to compete? If the answer is yes or even a maybe you've come to the right spot. I provide instruction in Country & Western dancing to prepare students for the world of competitive dancing. You can compete as a Newcomer, all the way to Professional. Your routines will be tailored to the level of your dancing but also challenge you to grow as a dancer. 

Below are some FAQs - if you have more questions, feel free to get in touch!

1. What is Pro-Am?

Pro-Am stands for Professional-Amateur. You choose the professional you want to dance with and start learning their routines to compete with. As the amateur you get scored by the judges based on your skill level and age division.

You don't have to be a seasoned dancer to compete. ANYONE can dance pro-am!


There are several competitions to choose from, located all over America, Europe and the rest of the world. Pros often have several amateur students. 

When you start working with me as a pro we discuss lessons, comps you are interested in and past experience. Then the fun begins!


2. How do I get started?

Once you make the decision to dance Pro-Am with me you will book lessons to learn the routines and get ready for your first comp!

There are 8 dances in Country & Western Competitions. 

Waltz, Night-club two-step, Triple-Two Step, West Coast Swing, Two-Step, Cha-Cha-Cha, Polka & East Coast Swing. 

You can do between 5 and 8 dances for an Overall placement - but don't panic! It might seem a lot at the beginning, but I am there every step of your journey!

3. What's the cost?

You will have your regular lesson fees as well as competitions entry fees. Events normally have a weekend pass allowing access to all events, and then you purchase your dance entries. You will pay myself a floor fee per dance to compete at the event. 

All costs associated with me attending the events will be split between my amateur students attending that particular event. These costs include: Travel to and from the event, hotel, entry to the event, etc. 

4. Do I need fancy costumes?


The short answer is no! As a newcomer to the world of competitive Country & Western dance you do not need boots and if you are leading you will need a hat. You can wear dance shoes and simple jeans / pants and a shirt to get started. As you progress through the ranks you will require cowboy boots to comply with the rules. Some students also buy dancewear to jazz it up a bit!

5. Do you dance with female students?

Yes! At competitions where they have open role/non-gender competitions I dance with female students. Whether you want to lead or follow is entirely up to you. We will dance the same pro-am routines I have with my male students and often there are no rules for costuming. 

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