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Your Special Day // Enjoy every moment

Your wedding day is a special day to celebrate your love

A wedding dance can make the day even more spectacular and unique. If you don't already to know your song. Don't panic! Together we can work on finding the perfect piece of music, the dance style to suit you both and the moves to make you feel comfortable in front of your guests. 

Choreography. I will put together choreography that compliments the vision you have. Whether it's a 20's Charleston dance, Michael Jackson number, or a classic Waltz, you are in safe hands. 

Lessons. Having dance lessons in person is the most ideal & fastest way to learn your choreography and to perfect your steps. It's also a great way to stay on track and it's something to look forward to each week. 

Learn from home. If you don't live locally, I can create your custom choreography, group number or flash mob and send you the breakdown of steps in an instructional video. You can learn from anywhere in the world and in your own time, and you can share with your friends and family if they need to learn it too. For more info or to book click here. 

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