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Tips For Line Dancers


You have to start somewhere!

Chances are you are not going to pick up all the dances in your first lesson. There are many steps, rhythms and tempos associated with Line Dancing so give yourself time to master all the dances. Attending class regularly will help your progress and focus on a few dances at a time and not 20. Most importantly HAVE FUN! 


How do I find the right class?

If you're brand new to Line Dance and have no previous dance experience then try and find a dedicated beginners class. This will help build your basic dance skills faster and you'll feel more confident moving into a higher level class. If you attend a multi-level class then focus on the dances that are more beginner friendly and work on getting those dances each week. Then you can build on the harder steps. It's easy to get overwhelmed with the tricky footwork so stay focused on the dances you feel good with!


Find the right dance shoes

You don't need anything fancy, but proper dance shoes really do make a world of difference. Not only are they comfortable but they are built to turn and lightweight to move quickly. 

I wear Bloch Jazz Shoes. Check them out HERE


Navigating the Turns

If you start in a Beginner-friendly class you shouldn't encounter too many spins or turns. A 1/4 turn is common in 4-wall beginner dances and likely the only turn in the dance. Instructors should give alternatives to dances that have multiple turns. There is always a way to modify. The thing to remember is don't watch other people too much. 

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